New series!


Hi there, this is my new series “10 seconds of …” where we will recreate 10 seconds of moving images that were part of our childhood, be it video games, movies or whatever comes to mind. I created a vimeo group here if you want to participate. I hope to get some cool stuff together.

My first entry are 10 seconds from Super Mario World, one of the first video games I played extensively. And by extensively I mean whole nights. I collected 100 lives in level 2 on Yoshis Island and fought my way through the harder levels. When I ran out of lives I would come back to this level and get new ones.

I created the animation in Cinema 4D and After Effects. The 3D setup is basically a mix of sprites and blocks with the textures slapped on. Thanks to the cloner object it was no big deal to create the blocks. Mario-related sprites can be found all over the internet.

Hope you like it.